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Official Skynetic 64mm Neptune EDF Jet Discussion Thread

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  • Official Skynetic 64mm Neptune EDF Jet Discussion Thread

    Skynetic Neptune Blue 64mm EDF Jet - PNP - SKY1025-001

    Click here to go to the product page

    The Skynetic Neptune 64mm EDF Jet is a flying wing that can penetrate through moderate winds while performing aerobatic maneuvers with ease. The wing stabilizers, dual rudders and positive dihedral keeps the Neptune steady and tracking true in flight. Made of light yet durable EPO foam with a streamlined, aerodynamic profile and a powerful 2611 KV 4500 Brushless Outrunner motor for 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, the Neptune is tailor-made for countless hours of exhilarating, flying fun!
    • Slick, streamlined and aerodynamic flying wing profile available in eye-catching blue
    • Easy-to-assemble, minimal gluing required
    • Powerful 2611 KV 4500 Brushless Outrunner motor for 1:1 power-to-weight ratio
    • Skynetic Neptune 64mm EDF Jet - PNP
    • 4 Channel radio - select a minimum 4 channel radio from our Radio Collection
    • 4 Channel receiver - select a minimum 4 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
    • 3 Cell 11.1V 1800 - 2500 mAh Li-Po battery with XT60 connector - we recommend EPR22003X6
    • 3 Cell compatible battery charger - select a minimum 3 cell (3S) charger from our Charger Collection

    Wingspan 48.4in / 1230mm
    Length 24.8in / 630mm
    Flying Weight 660 - 710g
    CG (Center of Gravity) 170-180mm from the wing's trailing edge at the root (Refer to the owner's manual for visual)
    Power System Powerful 2611 KV 4500 Brushless Outrunner motor (installed)
    Electronic Speed Control 30-amp brushless ESC with XT60 connector (installed)
    Propeller / EDF 64mm EDF
    Servos 2x 9g
    Landing Gear None
    Required Battery 3 Cell 11.1V 1800 - 2500 mAh Li-Po battery with XT60 connector (required)
    Required Radio 4+ channel radio system (required)
    Ailerons Yes (elevon)
    Elevator Yes (elevon)
    Rudder No
    Flaps No
    Lights No
    Hinge Type Foam
    Material EPO Foam
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 1 Hour
    Recommended Environment Outdoor
    Attached Files
    My YouTube RC videos:

  • #2
    Great flying plane - better than the original with the new motor, however the ESC is not up to the task. In hot weather the 30 AMP ESC overheats and drops the motor into a safe mode (low RPM)
    This has happened repeatedly. The website on the plane only shows a 40 AMP ESC. My opinion is that this new 30 AMP ESC is not up to the task. The batteries do not get hot, but the ESC gets so hot you can't hold it. Skynetic should have placed the 40 AMP ESC in both new versions of Neptune.


    • #3
      With an Admiral 3S 2200mah, it's all a snug fit. There is a little space for air to circulate around the ESC. CG is right in the middle of the range.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Neptune2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	72.9 KB ID:	315525


      • #4
        A REAL REVIEW...
        First off Let me be clear that I was/ Am super excited about this EDF.. good reviews(?) and I figure I cant expect the world for what I paid for it...and it shipped fast, 3 days for 60 bucks, butttttt...
        Got my Neptune today....Fit and finish less than desired. Multiple foam blemishes..both on underside of the left wing and on the fuselage around the battery hatch. In addition, the nose foam is strangely off, almost looks like the plane has a face.. wtf. As well, the battery hatch has trouble fitting/securing.
        so I contacted is what it is for finished unless I return the plane..not much for quality control I guess.
        Now, No instructions included..Motion provided a web link for instructions, but warned it was...ok. (???), and through Shopify(??)
        No t the best first experience from Motion after all the hype I've seen from the reviews...U guys getting special deals for the reviews or ??
        Heres hoping she flys better than the finishing and customer service/quality control.
        was thinking about a Admiral 600 receiver or 2, and maybe a Lippitsch P15, but might hold off till I see what my money really got..l


        • #5
          Flyguy75 Welcome to Hobby Squawk!

          The factory did a good job of wrapping and sealing the parts in bubble wrap. I believe most of the blemishes folks, including myself, are seeing are a result of a packing issue. The wrapped parts are not secured in the box. They can easily slide around and contact the sides and ends of the box. This can damage the tail tips of the center section and things like the leading edges where the will connect to the fuselage. A little packing tape could go a long way in preventing this.

          On another note, the maiden plus two were done today. It's an all around fun EDF to fly. Launches were done per the instructions and went without a hitch.

          It only needed two clicks of up and one right to fly hands off at a little over half throttle. There were no noticeable pitch changes through the whole power range. There was a variable 6 - 10mph crosswind and the Neptune had no problem tracking and had no waggle like some wings do..

          For a 3S EDF, it has decent speed and is reasonably aerobatic on the high recommended throws. The EDF unit has a pleasant sound for a 5-blade unit. It has a similar note as a 9 blade 80mm.
          A 4.5 min, mixed throttle flight with much of it well over half throttle, left 3.85v per cell in a new Admiral 3S 2200 lipo.

          Landings are a non-event. Once in ground effect, about an inch and a half off the ground, it really floats.

          With its large wing area, it would be a good first EDF.

          It's a lot of fun for an EDF at this price point.


          • #6
            Do you have the recommended throws/ rates settings..I know the recommended cg, but dont have the online manual..thanks.


            • #7
              In addition, what RX are you using? I was thinking lemon with gyro as there are no admirals available.


              • #8
                Flyguy75 I went with a Spectrum AR410, due to its small size and telemetry. No signal problems have been noticed despite lack of antenna. No need for a gyro at all. It's a pretty stable platform.

                Set up was Elevon-B using three rates. Low at 70 percent across-the-board. Mid at 85 and high at 100. Expo was set at my usual levels for my style. Mid rates were where I did most flying.

                My CG is right on 175mm from the trailing edge at the center behind the fan.


                • #9
                  Thanks for the info. Should help alot.
                  question though... you mention elevon B.. what are you referring to there?
                  I have a dx6i and a tx16s..I can choose elevon on the dx6i or program aileron/elevator on the tx16s for setup?
                  sorry, still learning..but arent we all? Thanks again.


                  • #10
                    Flyguy75 Most of the newer Spektrum transmitters have Elevon and Elevon-B wing configurations preprogrammed as a set-up option. It doesn't look like the DX6i does. It can be done like this:

                    I'm not familiar with the tx16s options.


                    • #11
                      So I went with a lemon stab plus Rx..i just wanted options with all the wind we are getting this year. It's almost warming?? In addition, I get the diversity antenna too.
                      install was fairly simple. Managed to keep some room between everything in the hatch to promote air circulation as well. ( 3c 2200mah)
                      The nice thing is the lemon requires elevon mix to be set on the receiver, not the TX, (dx6i) so the trims appear ok.
                      Hope to maiden this weekend.


                      • #12
                        Mike b.,,,,an Two Wing,.
                        Any way to free up some Ventelation holes, and or putting Esc outside on top?.
                        I had the 64edf, crashed an salvaged parts 4 years ago.
                        On my radar to get the edf again. Jus bought the neptune 2 prop, today, will remember the Esc thing tjs!


                        • #13
                          After flying the Neptune with the ESC outside of the hatch cover and not having overheating issues, I used a hot knife to enlarge the air vents for cooling. I was careful to try to maintain the angles so the hatch wouldn’t fly off.
                          Success. I flew today in the heat 90+ and no ESC overheating issues. So the problem seems to be that the vents are not large enough to allow proper airflow to cool the ESC.
                          Thank you to Motion RC for replacing the original ESC.
                          FYI - I could only upload 1 photo to this post.
                          I will upload the other photo to another post.
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN1528.png
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Size:	1.32 MB
ID:	317996



                          • #14
                            I opened up the air inlet and exit holes in the canopy by tapering them. The battery stays nice and cool. The ESC still gets quite toasty though.


                            • #15
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	tempsnip.png
Views:	894
Size:	198.0 KB
ID:	317999 underside


                              • #16
                                Cool wing and a lot of fun, but now looking for more speed and vertical performance. I installed a Motion RC 12 blade fan, 55 Amp ESC and went to 4S2200 battery. This requires more cooling, enlarge the entry and exit air holes and add a plastic spoon air scoop where needed for the ESC. This is a very tight fit in the battery compartment, so do your layout carefully, bury the wiring where you can and make everything tidy.
                                Now it is fast and quiet !


                                • #17
                                  These are finally back in stock. Just got one for my wife for her first EDF. They are great flyers.


                                  • #18
                                    My wife's came with an Admiral 40A ESC vs. the 30A that came in earlier versions. This one should run much cooler than the 30A, which ran Hot.

                                    The price has now gone up by $20. Glad we ordered hers when we did. It's still a lot of fun for the price!


                                    • #19
                                      Had mine out twice since receiving it 3 weeks ago. Mine also came with the 40A ESC instead of the 30A which is still listed on the website for the spec. I didn't have any damage from shipping, which was also fast, 3days. Wouldn't have bothered me anyway as this is a belly lander and bound to get dinged up. I side armed launched mine like my other wings with no problems and using a dual timer on my DX9 got 5 minutes of run time at 1/2-3/4 throttle and a total in air time of 9 minutes by gliding with an Admiral 2200 3S. Very happy with the performance of this wing; acrobatic, slow flying and fast.


                                      • #20
                                        ZeeFlyGuy Welcome to Hobby Squawk! Thanks for posting you experience with the Neptune.

                                        It's fun one for sure.