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Official RotorScale AS350 Alpine Yellow and Red 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread

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    Maidened this morning!

    Collective range: +/- 12°
    Cyclic range: +/- 10°
    Tx (HH) tail gain = +30 (as viewed in the SETUP->MONITOR page of the ZYX-Assisant software)
    ZYX Assistant BASIC page values: All default.
    Headspeed: unknown - (need to setup governor mode and measure)

    1st Impression? She flys pretty dang good!

    Heading out now for flight #2 but I thought I'd share the maiden:

    Rotorscale AS 350 450 Heli Maiden

    Edit: the above flight is quite boring - the following (third) one is quite a bit more interesting...

    Rotorscale AS 350 450 Heli - Maiden-day Flight #3

    Note that I did swap out the stock Emax AS3054 tail servo with a KST-DS215 and repositioned its mounting. I also disassembled and reassembled the airframe to ensure all metal-to-metal bolts had threadlock prior to maiden.

    Edit #2 - I just noticed that the landing gear has cracked (I had one landing that was not quite grease factor 8 - but it was not that hard - it should have survived it). Need to beef that part up.
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      Looking good!


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        Nice, looks like you've got it flying pretty well!


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          Flips, loops and rolls, oh my!

          Rotorscale AS 350 450 Heli - Sunset Flight #8


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            9 packs through my AS-350 so far today (I've lost track of the flight count, but have over an hour and a half airtime on the "odometer" timer in my Taranis). After a few more packs this evening, it will be time to move on and start focusing on setting up the 450 Airwolf!

            Rotorscale AS 350 450 Heli - She's Flying Pretty Sweet!


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              Note that the downloadable manual on the MotionRC Rotorscale product page SUPPORT tab (Platinum25A40AV4.pdf) is for a newer version of the HW 40A ESC - it is NOT the correct manual for the ESC actually installed on the RS helis.
              I have located a more up-to-date version of the Hobbywing ESC manual for the ESC that is installed on my Rotorscale 450s (this HW ESC is an older version of the Hobbywing Platinum series - it is NOT the V4, or the V3). See attached file: (HW-01-PL-101218.pdf)

              EDIT: MotionRC has updated their support page download to the correct manual version.
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                Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I have updated the PDF accordingly on all RotorScale support pages.
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