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Official RotorScale AS350 Alpine Yellow and Red 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread

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  • Official RotorScale AS350 Alpine Yellow and Red 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread

    Motion RC is pleased to announce our release of the RotorScale AS350 Alpine Yellow and Red 450 Size Helicopter. This is the official message thread to post photos, videos, flight reviews and any questions about this scale 450 helicopter.

    Product Page:

    Introducing RotorScale’s new lineup for sport scale PNP helicopters! At Motion RC, we believe there is more to RC helicopters than 3D acrobatic flying, so we’re excited to bring together scale realism and modern stabilization software in an economical, user-friendly package.

    With the quality of Roban fiberglass fuselages the RotorScale 450 PNP Helicopter Series seeks to bring scale helicopter flying within the reach of pilots with basic collective pitch flight experience who are looking to move upward toward larger scale 500-800 size helicopters.

    Using a 6S 1100-1500mAh battery, fly for 5-6 minutes while exploring the flight envelope of this sport scale stabilized helicopter. The durable fiberglass bodies are finished in automotive paint and clearcoat for durability, and feature sharp panel lines, rivets, and other surface details.

    Digital servos provide precise and responsive action, and breakaway landing gear plates help divert damage during hard landings away from major frame components. If ever required, the internal frame can be completely removed from the body in a few minutes with eight screws. Fully backed by Motion RC’s world renowned service, a complete line of spare parts is available to keep you flying.

    • RotorScale AS350 Alpine Yellow and Red 450 Size Helicopter - PNP

    Class / Size 450
    Power Type Electric
    Rotor Type Collective Pitch
    Body Material Fiberglass
    Overall Size (L x W x H) 750 x 180 x 250mm
    Empty Weight (w/o Battery) 920g
    Main Rotor Diameter 740mm
    Main Rotor Blade Length 325mm
    Tail Rotor Diameter 162mm
    Tail Rotor Blade Length 61mm
    Tail Drive Type Belt
    Cyclic Servos eMax ES09MD metal gear
    Tail Servo eMax ES9258 metal gear
    Power System 450L-1800kV Brushless Motor
    Electronic Speed Control 50A Brushless with XT60 connector
    Recommended Battery 6S 22.2V 1100 - 1500 mAh LiPo with XT60 Connector
    Required Radio 6 Channel
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 1 Hour
    Recommended Environment Outdoors
    Click image for larger version  Name:	mastera_a3e18a65-35c3-4fcf-a567-11e161d58558_1024x1024.jpg Views:	1 Size:	189.2 KB ID:	156478
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    Cruising over farms n' factories... roof flying at its most fun! Videos coming soon.

    Click image for larger version

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      The AS350 Alpine also lends itself well to many configurations and accessories, so we've developed several 3DPUPs for this model. The .STL files will be made available for free download. So far we've got antennas, lights, bearclaws, skid accessories, and a few others. If you have any requests for other cosmetic accessories, please post here!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20180922_151927.jpg
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        Outstanding! I want one of each of these new 450's...They build the AS350 here in MS. Nice nice nice. Now I have to convince the wife that I need yet another RC bird. It would be easier for her to film the helo than the jet I am sure.
        I just saw these posts this evening. Amazing.
        Meridian Aeromodelers, Meridian MS


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          These look really good. I am looking forward to getting one when they come out. It would be good to get a scale heli as a PNP as I am fairly new to helicopters and scale flying appeals more to me than 3D flying.

          The product page says that it requires a flybarless controller (Brain 2 recommended). I take it that the specs here (only requires a receiver) are correct or does the stabilisation system to work alongside a flybarless?


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            Per the Official RotorScale UH-1A Medic Green 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread, It appears MRC has been at the mercy of manufacturing issues and this may or may not happen. No fault of MRC, Per another thread, someone spoke to MRC recently and was told that they have been shelved for the forseeable future due to some issues with the manufacturer. It's certain a bummer but that's life. We can only hope this eventually surfaces. Despite some of the negative comments in the aforementioned thread, MRC is by far one of the best in the business and they back up their products. Though the marketing may have been a bit premature, I still would much rather they didn't release anything until all was kosher. Thanks for all you do to make this hobby most enjoyable MRC.


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              OK, so I just had a chat with someone from MRC support online about this. He said the reason for the holdup on these is they would not all perform the same so they have been held back until the new parts arrive for the factory to do an upgrade. They just want the customer to get a good product. He says they will eventually become available but no ETA at this time. To buy something else now or not to buy....that is the question. lol


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                So this is happening now?

                Helis are in stock and ready to ship?


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                  Yes as of late yesterday we went live with our RotorScale 450 line...I also responded to your PM...So be sure to check that as well. Thanks for your interest!
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                    Just placed an order for the Huey!! :) Hope I don't regret it. :Crying: Really like the Airwolf, but the added retracts is just another thing I'll break too soon.


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                      Glad to see these choppers finally availabile! I’ve been testing them out for a while now and testing out some customization. If you’ve had experience with flying and setting up CP helis, these are a great value for the cost, and will offer a ton of customization! Alpha has been working hard Here are a few photos of various mods I’ve been running an ikon2 in my AS350 with all stock servos and motor. I did switch over to a HobbyWing Platinum V4 ESC for the active freewheeling capability. This allowed me to lower the head speed so that I could run a 3 blade scale head. Also used the main rotor blades from the 470 size AS-350 in this setup.

                      I have attached a few photos of my first round at giving the stock chopper some detail. Added on the basket, snowshoes, exhaust, wire cutters, and mirror kits.

                      The basket made built of of a brass frame, with screen door mesh glued to the brass. Thin brass rods were also bent and soldered to make the mirror kits. The snowshoes were made of styrene. I believe most of these parts, as well as a few others, will be available as 3D printed upgrades in the future


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                        After flying it this way for a few weeks, I had an incident that was entirely my fault, and decided to rebuild the heli with a different scheme. On the Hirobo 3 blade head, I forgot to loctite on of the spindle bolts, and it shot a blade off during ground run (luckily!). ALWAYS remember to double check those loctite joints!! Anyways, the damage front the other 2 blades cut through the canopy and boom. However, with some fiberglass cloth and high build primer, it was repaired and upgraded! I replaced the tinted windscreen with a clear windshield, and repainted in the scheme of one of the OK City police choppers. Still need to add the searchlight and FLIR, but it turned out great, and really flies fantastic! It’s had over 6 months of incident free flying after triple checking those loctite joints!


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                          Flight video below:


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                            Thanks, Delta Dart!

                            We're so grateful for the advisory role you've taken on with our helo development team and for sticking with this evolving project over the past 18 months. Partnering with people from our customer family is a privilege we don't ever want to take for granted.

                            Your AS-350 looks really good. I have the 3DPUPs I drafted for the AS350, although I'm curious if people would prefer a screw-in type mount, or a simpler peg/glue mount. For mods such as the LED mounts, screws are recommended, but before I convert all the smaller cosmetic parts to screw-in, I'm wondering if the peg/glue is preferable? If you're reading this and are interested in adding 3DPUPs to your RotorScale 450 helos, chime in with your preference.

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                              Wow, these look incredible! It had been many years since I had flown a proper heli. I ordered the XK K124 from you guys to give it a go again, and I have been having a blast. I definitely fit into the target market... I love flying scale looking birds, but the choices have always been sparse when it came to helicopters. As I was writing this post I couldn't contain myself and pulled the trigger!


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                                Okay folks, the official RotorScale 450 Instruction Manual is now available on the support page of this model or click here for a direct link. Keep in mind this is a working document so check back regularly for any updated information that may be added. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
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                                  Exciting day! More to come :) excellent packing as usual.
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                                    Ordered! :)


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                                      So I've received my three Rotorscale 450s and have also tried to accumulate all the spares I want - (i.e. everything). However, there is one part that is eluding me:

                                      The pushrod control linkage used to connect the rudder servo to the tail.

                                      It is steel with a 1.3mm diameter with ball link connectors on each end and has a ball center to center length of approximately 297mm.

                                      I've purchased pretty much every spare part available on the MotionRC spares page (except the fuselages). I thought the pushrod linkage would probably be included in the "RotorScale 450 Boom and Support Set", but alas, it is not included in that package (or any of the others).

                                      I've scoured the internet trying to source this part (for the very similar Align Trex SEV2 or Trex Sport V1 mechanics), but I can't find it anywhere.



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                                        I'll make sure we order some with our next order. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!