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Official ProFly OV-10 Bronco 1800mm ARF Discussion Thread

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  • Official ProFly OV-10 Bronco 1800mm ARF Discussion Thread

    Product page:

    Surprise, you wanted an OV-10, you've got it! Not only that, but it comes delivered under our brand new and exclusive in house brand for MotionRC Balsa models, 'ProFly'. ProFly the long standing internal desire of MotionRC for a range of balsa models that is reflective of the quality and experience you've come to love from MotionRC and in as much it was very important that we work with partners in balsa that can meet and exceed that level of exception. The result of this, after many man hours is the PROFLY OV-10 Bronco. ProFly is a brand for you as can be seen with out first offering, the much requested OV-10 Bronco, so in that vein we look forward and encourage you to let us know what other models you'd like to see in balsa under the ProFly flag...

    Getting back to the Bronco, I'm going to post details from the webpage for the Bronco below here along with some pictures and once we get done at Joe Nall, James will follow up with video media on this exquisite model and will add more details in the next few hours in below posts too.

    Enjoy and remember, its YOUR brand, and we are listening.


    OV-10 Bronco 1800mm (70.8") Wingspan from ProFly - ARF - PFY1000-001

    The North American/Rockwell OV-10 Bronco was developed to meet the requirements of the United States Marine Corps Light Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft (LARA) program that was to provide the service with a multi-role aircraft that could operate in the armed reconnaissance and light attack roles from unprepared, forward airstrips. The ability to loiter in the combat area for an extended period was a key requirement.

    The Bronco evolved to perform a broad range of roles including observation, forward air control, helicopter escort, armed reconnaissance, utility light air transport and limited ground attack. It has also performed aerial radiological reconnaissance, tactical air observation, artillery and naval gunfire spotting, airborne control of tactical air support operations and front-line, low-level aerial photography.

    The ProFly OV-10 Bronco is scaled to approximately 1:6.7 and attention has been given to providing a realistic appearance with outstanding flight characteristics. The model was designed for electric power but can also be flown using a matched pair of internal combustion engines of about 6-7cc displacement.

    • High level of prefabrication right out of the box
    • Lightweight, strong, and fully sheeted laser cut balsa and plywood construction
    • Covered in high quality Oracover
    • Heavy-duty hinges on all control surfaces
    • Large easy access fuel tank/battery/servo access hatches with sprung loaded latches
    • Painted and detailed dummy radial engine, cockpit and interior included
    • Fiberglass cowl and control horns with ball link connector
    • comprehensive control and fitting accessories included
    • Two-piece, plug-in wings simplify transportation and assembly.
    • Mounts for both electric and gas power options included
    • Fully illustrated instruction manual included and also available for download (see tab above)
    • ProFly OV-10 Bronco 1800mm (70.8") Wingspan - ARF
    • 6 Channel radio - select a minimum 6 channel radio from our Radio Collection
    • 6 Channel receiver - select a minimum 6 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
    • 2x 35 - 42 size Brushless Outrunner Motor - we recommend Admiral GP5 4220-770kV Brushless Motors (Coming Soon)
    • 2x 65 - 85 Amp Brushless ESC - we recommend ZTW Mantis 65 Amp Brushless ESC
    • 8x 45g standard servos - we recommend HS-485HB
    • Electronic 90 degree retracts (81 x 44 x 29mm) - we recommend Xwave RP400-90 Electronic Retract (Coming Soon)
    • 6 Cell 22.2V 4000 - 6000 mAh LiPo Battery with EC5 connector - we recommend Admiral 6 Cell 6000 mAh LiPo battery
    • 6 Cell compatible battery charger - select a minimum 6 cell (6S) charger from our Charger Collection

    Click image for larger version  Name:	profly-ov-10-bronco-1800mm-70-8-wingspan-arf-motion-rc-6942023090289_1024x1024.jpg Views:	9 Size:	82.7 KB ID:	194435
    Click image for larger version  Name:	profly-ov-10-bronco-1800mm-70-8-wingspan-arf-motion-rc-6942022697073_1024x1024.jpg Views:	7 Size:	74.0 KB ID:	194436
    Click image for larger version  Name:	profly-ov-10-bronco-1800mm-70-8-wingspan-arf-motion-rc-6942022631537_1024x1024.jpg Views:	7 Size:	74.8 KB ID:	194437
    Click image for larger version  Name:	profly-ov-10-bronco-1800mm-70-8-wingspan-arf-motion-rc-7038379065457_1024x1024.jpg Views:	7 Size:	99.7 KB ID:	194438
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    I flew this bird in early prototype on both twin 6s and twin 4s as early as 2016. It's one of my favorites and it flies like our FlightLine F7F Tigercat. Surprisingly, twin 4s when propped correctly still flies very nicely for those looking for a lighter, more economical, scale flight profile. 6s is recommended for sport power and convenience (since many of us have mountains of 6s packs).

    Some highlights based on my experience with it:

    1) Aside from the hinges and horns, no glue is required for the major assembly. The booms bolt on with a single nylon thumbscrew each, and the horizontal stab bolts between the booms with two nylon thumbscrews per side. The fiberglass and plastic pylons, cowlings, and pod cover all screw on straight into the balsa.

    2) The tall suspension struts make grass operation a breeze. I prefer the pull pull steering and its ease to setup.

    3) The cockpit is very finely detailed. I'll post photos later, along with a 1/7 scale full bodied pilot figure. Lots of space for pilot figures, FPV head tracking setups, 360 degree camera, etc.

    4) Generous four panel flaps and a thick airfoil slow this airplane to a crawl. Short takeoff and short landings are fun to cycle through again and again for ten minutes.

    5) I used extra long ESC wires to give enough slack to remove the booms and slide them forward to make the model shorter and lower profile for transport since the wing separates at the fuse root and not the outer boom root.

    6) The ARF includes standoffs for an electric motor and fuel tanks and some accessories for fuel engines.

    7) I recommend the two blade setup for best power and acceleration. The Bronco is rather acrobatic, rolls with authority, and knife edges across the entire circuit. Of course an observation platform looks strange when flown that way, but it's nice to know the model has good power to weight.

    8) I had no problem with the stock hinges. Medium CA is what I used all around. The control horns are fiberglass and I used 15 minute epoxy.

    9) Adding a nose light is an easy DIY project. The nose cap itself is solid balsa with a hollow backing plate which makes it easy to drill and install an LED.


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      +1 Not Foam
      +2 Nice Balsa Build up.
      +3 This format makes many more options possible, not possible with foam.

      I will purchase this, some time after my travel to Asia this week.


      New things are good things!


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        Paging OV-10...Oh, OV-10....!!! ;)
        My YouTube RC videos:


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          Sweet, I will be pushing the button as soon as I get back from vacation, hopefully they will still have one in stock.


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            Originally posted by Aros.MotionRC View Post
            Paging OV-10...Oh, OV-10....!!! ;)
            He is aware. As soon as he can find a place to put it on the stack he already has, it will be had.....


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              at 15 pounds seems a little heavy for the wingspan? I have had 80 inch w/span planes at the same weight.


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                Are the retracts included? I see the replacement struts in the spare parts pg but nothing mentioned about retracts.:Confused:

                Never mind, just seen it on the product pg, you have to buy the retracts seperate.:Scared:


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                  Hi DCCORSAIR, retracts are NOT included, and we mention on our listing under 'required' the recommendation for the Xwave RM400-90 retracts. These work with the included L/G struts and will be available soon.

                  On the AUW, we've flown it, and it flies great, it has quite a generous wing area so that helps in spreading the loading, it really flies like a pussycat, much like our FL F7F.



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                    DCorsair, retracts aren't included, they're listed in Requires. The model does include suspension struts, though. Stuart can chime in with the exact dimms from the manual.

                    Axerhand1975, the Bronco is an abnormal bird in the sense that its wingspan and AUW don't align with conventional logic we're used to applying with most other aircraft. Like the real Bronco, this model's thick airfoil and constant cord wing, in addition to its overall surface area and other factors, combine to create a very floaty bird even when weighed down more than the usual watts per pound formula. I could barely force a stall unless I was clearly in irresponsible territory (slow, steep, overcontrolled), and even then, the model was quick to recover. Landings with the four panel flaps feels like a Cub or high wing trainer.


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                      @Stuart --Jinx!


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                        lol, well we're both admins, who's going to delete who's post first LOLLOLLOL


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                          This is a typical balsa ARF. Struts are included with the plane, retracts are not. We have our new Xwave retracts on the way and they fit this plane well. I think you will be super impressed with the Xwave retracts.


                          Wish I had a better picture but this is all I have at the moment.


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                            I'm going to have to learn a new skill set in covering balsa

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	2778508999_f504ceea54_b.jpg
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Size:	116.1 KB
ID:	194634


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                              Cool but pricey. No power plant, no retracts, no servos. Yes it’s a nice balsa model but I’m gonna pass and wait for a foamie with retracts, servos and gear doors if I am dropping 500 ponies. My days of stick building and covering are over and don’t feel like buying a new iron and covering to fix a bad landing or a twig puncture thru wing.


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                                Yep, I'm eyeballing one of these too.

                                Has anyone put one together yet? How much lead was needed to balance?


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                                  Thanks, thanks and thanks guys for the answers on my retract question, I did go back and read the product page again and seen they weren't included, just under $500 and no retracts included? :Confused::(.

                                  I passed, bought another EDF jet................:)


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                                    Well, I'm not going to pass! At my flying club Balsa, and Composite live at the top of the peaking order. There is nothing wrong with foam models if this is what you want. But there are many of us that want something a little better. These models are not for everybody! Personally I look forward to trying this plane out. I am going to have to use my CNC stuff to build me a proper set of struts for this sweety, but I have been dusting off the equipment anyway. You get to fit the servos you want in this, fit the ESC's you want, as well as other components. I like to build with quality, this bird will have it. It gives you the opportunity to lower the idiot factor as much as possible. That is except for the one building and fitting it. LOL So if you get this and crash it, no one to blame but???



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                                      Originally posted by Gilatrout View Post
                                      I'm going to have to learn a new skill set in covering balsa
                                      I thought all these balsa ARFs came covered. :Confused:


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                                        If uncovered is an option, I will take it uncovered.
                                        but I will take it anyway it's offered :Cool: