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Official Freewing 90mm F-15C Eagle Thread

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  • Originally posted by davegee View Post
    I took my F-15C Eagle out for its second test flight early this morning. Nice time to fly, cool, and light winds. I recently purchased a SMC 6S 5000 MaH battery that Hugh Wiedman had suggested I give a try, since my last flight with the Eagle was pretty doggy. I always fly my T-33 first as a weathership before taking up a more valuable plane like my F-18, F-4, F-15, or B-2 Spirit. I brought the new SMC battery with me, but didn't feel comfortable making its first flight in my new F-15, so I put it into the T-Bird to see how it went.

    My thoughts were that performance improved with the SMC battery in the T Bird. I don't have empirical evidence to back that up, but it did seem to fly with more authority and at a lower power setting. It is also a bit smaller size than the comparable MRC Admiral batteries, so that was a good test of the battery before I put it in one of my other jets.

    I used a pretty new Admiral 6S 5000 MaH battery for my second flight of the F-15. I have installed a new 12 blade fan and the stock inrunner motor that is currently sold with F-15 kits. I do have a little extra weight with the JP Brakes and wheels and a simulated afterburner in the tail.

    Takeoff was normal when I started near the approach end of the runway for a full run at our approximately 500 foot long runway. Still, it took up much of the runway to take off. The whole flight was better than the first with the outrunner motor and 9-blade fan I had on the first flight, but still, I'd have to say "pretty doggy." (My field elevation is 5,000 feet MSL.)

    Next flight I will use the new SMC battery to see if that helps its "dogginess" a bit. It's still a fun plane to fly, but even my T-33 totally outclasses it in performance at this time.
    Interested in how the F15 performs with the SMC. Good luck!
    Hugh "Wildman" Wiedman
    Hangar: Mig 29 "Cobra", 8S EuroFighter-Bronze Tiger, A-10 Arctic, F18 Canadian & Tiger Meet, 8S F16 Wild Weasel, 8S F4 Jolly Rodgers & Blue Angel, 1600 Corsair & Spitfire, B-24, Stinger 90, Avanti. Extreme Flight-FW-190 Red Tulip, Slick 60, 62" Extra 300, 62" MXS Heavy Metal, 62" Edge Demonstrator. FMS-SU-30,1700mm P-51, Corsair, Viper, Beast Bi-Plane 60", P2 Bi-Plane, P51.


    • Originally posted by Hugh Wiedman View Post

      Interested in how the F15 performs with the SMC. Good luck!
      Hi Hugh: I just got back from the field. I have flown the SMC battery on my T-33 yesterday, and one flight on my F-15C this morning. I started near the very beginning of the runway and went to full power for takeoff right away. It accelerated pretty well, and sorta lifted off by itself with plenty of runway to spare. Once I got the gear up, the plane still seemed to be a bit "doggy" and I didn't try any maneuvers except for a bunch of passes at about 80 percent power. It still definitely lags behind planes I have like the F-18 and the T-33. I did have an issue with the right gear wheel hanging up on the wheel well (these are 60mm wheels and electric brakes) so it was less than perfect aerodynamics for the flight. I think probably the biggest issue I have is the altitude that I fly at, and the Density Altitude, which makes it worse. I only fly in the early mornings when the air is smooth and it is relatively cool. If I was flying at sea level, I would bet the performance would be much better. But I can live with what I have flying at my home field.

      It still comes around nicely for landing in a high-alpha pitch attitude perfect for landing. Brakes work great and there was no damage to the plane on its 3rd flight.

      I like what I've seen with the SMC batteries, and think I'll order at least one more of these for further evaluation. It is a bit smaller, slightly heavier than the Admiral batteries on my scale, but with the tight space of a plane like the F-15 for batteries, anything smaller is good, and I think the performance is probably better than the Admirals. I also like the pricing, too!

      Thanks for recommending these batteries. I could see slowly transitioning to these over the Admirals down the road.

      Happy flying!




      • Just got to speed test my new 90 F15 today she’s all stock exception FW twin burner, running SMC hivlt 53-4600 packs getting 3-4 min flights. She’s so forgiving to fly not as fast as my J-10 but not bad either
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        • Another successful day flying the F15 not a scratch seems like 106 is all she’s gonna get other than steep dives. Super happy with this plane even more forgiving than the J-10 on grass, gets a little hard to see up there but what a amazing sound it has
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