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Official Freewing Twin 70mm AL37 Airliner Thread

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  • Official Freewing Twin 70mm AL37 Airliner Thread

    Updated Vids and Pics 11/11/2019.

    *This is the pre-order for the Freewing AL37 Airliner 70mm Twin EDF Jet - PNP. The current expected arrival date is early December 2019. Visit the product pages below first for any updates

    Freewing AL37 Airliner PNP w/Decals pre-applied:

    Freewing AL37 Airliner PNP BAse White (decals in box NOT applied)

    Announcement Video:

    Raw Flight:

    Reviewer Jeremy Solts Maiden Flight (Nov 2019:

    Live Announcement Video from Nall in the Fall (Oct 2019):


    Motion RC is excited to release Freewing's first twin-engine passenger EDF jet! Introducing the twin 70mm Freewing AL37 Airliner. With a length of 2000mm (78.75") and a wingspan of 1830mm (72"), it's the largest EDF produced by Freewing to date. This model uses EPO foam with integrated aluminum carbon to strengthen the airframe while limiting the weight of the model to the greatest possible extent. Except for the foam fuselage, all the other components require only screws to complete an easy assembly.

    A control board with ribbon wire is used to simplify the wires between the main wing and the fuselage for easy assembly and disassembly for transport. The built-in wiring channel of the main wing is easy to use and retains the overall scale appearance of this gorgeous airliner. Add to it 11 pre-installed LED lights throughout the aircraft and you will love taking leisure flights at dawn and dusk with this AL37 airliner.

    The Freewing AL37 Airliner uses two 3048-2150KV brushless outrunners housed in 70mm EDF casing with 12-blade fans. Those are powered by two 60A brushless ESC and need just one 6S LiPo to limit weight and allow this airliner to cruise comfortably at less than half throttle. In the case of a 6S 5000mAh battery, the maximum flight time can stretch to potentially 10 minutes with the proper throttle usage.

    The front and rear landing gears are made of aluminum alloy and have shock absorption function and will make scale landings on the mains an enjoyable experience with each and every flight. Also, the larger size of the wheels (Nose wheel diameter: 45mm, Main wheel diameter: 70mm) make take-offs and landings a breeze in most grassland environments. This model has a beautiful air posture, and good stability in high and low speed. It is very suitable for an immersive flight like FPV and is an excellent leisurely flyer that every EDF jet pilot can enjoy.

    For the customizing modelers at heart, this airliner will be offered in a decal free all-white version and we can not wait to see all the liveries our customer family produces! We recommend visiting Callie Graphics for the best custom model decals.

    All-in-all Motion RC and Freewing are excited for our customer base to add this gorgeous airliner to their RC hangars. Now boarding! FEATURES:
    • Beautiful, scale outline both static and in the skies
    • Giant scale, yet lightweight with docile flying characteristics
    • Attractive, Motion RC-centric blue decals
    • 11 LED light system throughout the airframe
    • 4 screw wing assembly makes for easier transport
    • Removable winglets with MWS slotting system
    • Scale aluminum suspension struts
    • Nacelles easily removed with 3 screws
    • Scale flap system
    • Freewing AL37 Airliner Twin 70mm EDF Jet - PNP
    • Electronic retracts, motors, EDFs, ESCs and servos (installed)

    Model Scale 1/19 Scale
    Wingspan 1830mm / 72.04in
    Length 2000mm /78.74in
    Weight 3350g / 118.16oz
    CG (Center of Gravity) 185mm from the leading edge of the wing root
    Power System 2x 6S 3048-2150kV Outrunner Motors (included)
    Electronic Speed Control 2x 60A with 8A UBEC (included)
    Propeller / EDF 2x 70mm 12-Blade EDF (included)
    Servos 6x 9g Digital Metal Gear Standard Servos

    4x 9g Hybrid Digital Metal Gear Standard Servos
    Landing Gear Electronic retractable (included)
    Required Battery 6S 22.2V 4000-6000mAh LiPo with EC5 Connector (required)
    Required Radio 6+ Channel (required)
    Ailerons Yes
    Elevator Yes
    Rudder Yes
    Flaps Yes
    Lights Yes
    Hinge Type Nylon
    Material EPO Foam
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 1 Hour
    Recommended Environment Outdoors

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    Watching with interest. I fly with a Southwest captain and he has a Windrider 737-800. Pretty sure he will get this too.


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        AL? What manufacturer is that?


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          AL is short for AirLiner. It is made by Freewing.


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            Ready for my pre order link


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              It's beautiful! I love it. Is it more Boeing or more Airbus?


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                We will be developing the product page(s) soon so keep an eye out here in this thread for updates. I am completely stoked for this model!
                My YouTube RC videos:


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                  Cool! Any plans for 3DPUPs?


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                    Originally posted by Dirty Dee View Post
                    Cool! Any plans for 3DPUPs?
                    Why we have you..duh :)

                    I'm not in to civilian aviation but this might change. I hope they do a Galaxy or a C-130 about the same size.
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                      Originally posted by Marco Polo View Post
                      AL is short for AirLiner. It is made by Freewing.
                      Evidently the model is made by Freewing - so it's not modeled after an actual Boeing or an Airbus, though the nacelles make it look like a Boeing.


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                        Impressive, very impressive. Looking forward to more info and seeing it fly. It looks like it is large enough to even fly from well kept grass. If so, I'm so in on this!


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                          "Looks" like a 737 Max.


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                            Dynam has the Turbo Jet, which is obviously a Cessna Citation, This is obviously a 737Max. Licensing, Argh, glad we have an AL37. Nonsense to pay big bucks to call it by another name.


                            Alpha, you actually broke thru on this one. I know you get frustrated with me, but ya did good man, the landing gear looks solid too.


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                              Amazing choice! I've been wanting one for a while, and it is great to see it's an option. It's going to be obnoxious to store, but anything this size is, ha-ha. This one of those planes that are most fun to me to land. Having fun with some crosswind landings, seeing the massive flaps and lights appear on final, etc. Good times. I'll have to get back to flying RC soon, but have been busy and haven't had time for a while. My planes must have webs in them by now. LOL

                              The paint/decal schemes are virtually endless with this.


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                                Originally posted by Marco Polo View Post
                                AL is short for AirLiner. It is made by Freewing.
                                That’s called “we couldn’t get permission from Boeing to use the name”


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                                  Cool! My favorite part though is that it’s big enough to make me think that 2.5m B29 could be done


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                                    I can't wait to see the exact specs to know if I can fit it into my car. I am hoping I can!


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                                      As an alternative scheme for the military supporters there's the P-8 Poseidon 😎
                                      Also in UK, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian or indian flavour


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                                        Originally posted by Quickstop View Post

                                        That’s called “we couldn’t get permission from Boeing to use the name”
                                        I actually know a few people at Boeing. Love the planes, not so much the people there, especially the higher ups. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if they said no. There loss, this could have been a smart PR move. The people building the planes are totally awesome. There management basically sucks. Which is why there in the trouble right now.

                                        Do any of you remember when there were mass amounts of Airbuses crashing all over the place? They crashed at air shows, and there was more than a few test planes that went down. Well Airbus was developing there fly by wire, and automated flight system. I remember once at an air show, the poor pilots broadcasting as there Airbus thought it had to land in a forest, they couldn't stop it, not good for them.

                                        Well they operated the new Boeing's for 2 years without incident. Something to be said for that. They weren't perfect, no plane is for that matter, odd problems seem to surface at the worst possible times. Many times life threatening. It happens to all of them one time or another.

                                        The 737MAX will live on, 5 or 6 years from now, we will have all forgotten about it. Boeing wont soon forget about it. I'm going to buy (2) of em.


                                        Oh and Alpha, I'll probably break down and get that A-4 I've been wanting, and the F-35. Kind of the way I work. Make something I like, sell me lots of planes. W